The Room Three App Reviews


Just amazing

Top Game

Eines der besten Spiele im AppStore!!!


Super genial

One word



Keep them coming

Wow just Wow!



Its amazing!

Best game ever

Best game ever

For any one who loves to use there mind

Great game for thinking in and out of the box

Simply amazing

This is a truly captivating game from start to finish. It's challenging without being frustrating, and the world building is stunning. The animation is fantastic, and the sound effects are very satisfying. I couldn't put it down. I played the first two Room games and loved them as well, but this one took it to a new level.


Fireproof games are the best I’ve ever played. Fantastic graphics and the puzzles are not too had and not too easy to play. These are the only games I’ve ever considered playing again and again.

Third time’s the charm? No, all three of them are!

Beautiful and complex yet intriguing and rewarding. The feel and flow of layers of puzzle solving with beautiful sound and atmosphere make this series like nothing else out there.

Make a room 4

We want more!!!

As an old, long-time fan returning...

It has been WAY too long since I played ANY of The Room games and I remember playing The Room One and The Room Two when I was still in middle school and I was never able to purchase and download the third game but as of this week, I figured for a bit of nostalgia, I download the first two games again before playing the third game and my nostalgic senses were greatly satisfied. So then after many years of just waiting to play it, I finally downloaded The Room Three and to my surprise, I never had felt so immersed in a mobile game and once again, the puzzles are fantastic. They’re not too hard but not too easy either and that’s what I loved best about the previous two games and it amazes me how throughout every sequel, the game changes drastically therefore changing how you go about the puzzles which is what keeps the gameplay 100% fresh. The graphics are still spot-on and exactly as I remember and the first two games happen to hold up well for me to this day. Now here I am, today, at 18 years old, now I am finally playing The Room Three and have also downloaded The Room: Old Sins and after I finish The Room Three, THAT’S the game I’ll immediately start up and play afterwards. Since I haven’t finished The Room Three, I figured I would make my final reviewing of the third game through my review of Old Sins (which I bet will be as equally good or perhaps better if something in terms of gameplay once again drastically changes). Until I speak to you all again through these reviews, I bid you all a good day and I hope you keep making more The Room games because as a mobile-indie game, this franchise has to be the BEST franchise I have ever played on a mobile device which is saying a lot coming from a now grown-up veteran fan. Keep on doing what you’re doing Fireproof Games and don’t stop making these games but if you do and you make a final The Room game, I hope that it has a very VERY satisfying ending to it. I will end this review here as I will continue and also finish playing The Room Three so I can start up and play The Room: Old Sins!!!

Freaky and Cool

This game is so addictive and fun. It just keeps keeps getting better and better the more you play. The graphics are amazing and the logic puzzles are just hard enough to challenge, but not impossible to solve. I just finished my first go through and now I see there are alternate versions! It’s cool that you can play again with a different outcome!


It was almost impossible to put down. I can’t wait for another installment of The Room!


Wow! These puzzles are designed to make you really engage your brain! An excellent brain workout. I’ve had to even ask my 12 year old son for help! I love that the hints guide you without revealing the full answer. Fabulous puzzle game!

An adventure!

It’s so satisfying solving a piece of the puzzle and moving on to the next clue. You never know what’s around the corner. I thing the graphics are fantastic! Room games are unique, clever, super fun and addicting. I’m ready for Room 4, 5 and 6 please!!!

The Maintenance Man

Pretty sure the subtext of this version is that an old guy needs his manor house fixed up.


Loved me and my friend started to play and now we just hope this isn’t where it ends we love it keep going with this since there is legit nothing like this game!!

The Room Three

Terrific! Intriguingly satisfying and rewarding. Absolutely recommend!


Great way to pass the time solving puzzles.

A must

Great games. All were great and left me wanting more. Very intriguing, mysterious puzzle game. And excellent addition to my phone.

Amazing and one of the best.

I absolutely love love love the room series. I was browsing the App Store one time be I was bored and saw the game old sins. So I downloaded it and loved it. That led me to all the others in the series. As I came across this one, I played it and loved it. The only thing I have to criticize is that, because I am not that good at escape room things, when the point in the game said that there were more endings, I was like sure ok sounds fun, more games in one. Then it said that I would have no more hints for the rest of the game. I tried to, but could only find a couple things that didn’t even go together. My conclusion is that is it is an amazing game and worth the price, but would be 5 stars if it had hints at the end.

Excellent Game

Love the music, graphics and mystery.


Love it!


These games are all great! Nice addition to the series!

Hated the imprisonment ending

Graphics was awesome yet the very last ending was unappealing, I didn’t care for the imprisonment entrapment, setup ending. Not really trying to play to take a look at another ending. Basically had enough with negative ending, violence games, and those in it’s genre. Contradicting make a hypocrite, a fool out of me. Simply there are things in the game goes against what makes me —-Me. Credit given for graphics, details, and plots with multiple twists endings. I am still conditioned to specific religious/ spiritual values and the terrible folks out here all of what had turned me off with the ending.

Love this series!

Beautiful graphics, love the puzzles! Wish there were more like this.


trouble with the last planet ball inside, can not fix two puzzles


If you like mystical steampunk puzzle games, this will be your jam. About 7h of content, really good.

Layers and layers of fun and puzzling!

More complex than the room 1&2, with many more layers of complex puzzling and riddling. Very satisfying!

Best game of all time

This is a great game for if you like escape rooms but can’t afford to go to them all the time. It combines puzzles and mystery and critical thinking as well as incredible graphics and scenery. Also you don’t need to pay for hints if you need them which is great.

Great game!!!! Does not disappoint

Excellent game! I love that they had multiple endings to this!

Best puzzle game ever

I like to see these games and ide love to see a room 4 at the time this is being made I’m almost done with the game I need to see a room 4 or I will be very upset in the future

Good game

I really enjoyed this game. The puzzles are challenging but the solutions all make sense. There is a very useful function in case you get stuck. If you like puzzle games I would recommend this one.


Hmm, let’s see...spend $40 for my spouse and I go to an escape room where we’ll be crammed with 6 strangers in a much too tiny room trying to solve puzzles nowhere near as clever as these for 60 minutes OR pay $4 for 7-9 hours of super imaginative and engrossing puzzles with no one else getting in your way? I know what I’ll pick! Amazing work, Fireproof games!!!


This is a great sequel. Very creative, good hints when you need them- and I needed them

Steampunk puzzlers wrapped in a foreboding story

It truly is one of the best puzzle franchises around. If your new to The Room, start with the first one. You won’t want to put it down. Each successive chapter 5hen episode gets more and more complex and rich. Take your time reading the notes and clues, though while not typically assisting with the puzzles, builds a narrative that’s sets The Room apart.

Room 3 loved it

Fun, exciting,really makes your brain work.


Only recently have I discovered The Room series and it is simply spectacular. Intricate puzzles, amazing graphics, engaging interactivity, and a compelling theme all come together in this truly entertaining experience. Start from the first in the series and work your up through each release!

Only two complaints

1. One of the puzzles is so subtle, I missed it for two days. I kept coming back because I knew it did something, but could not see results without a specific movement. I did not use the hints unless I absolutely needed them, but then they're not available with the alternate endings. Not cool. 2. The endings are not obvious. I was expecting the directions (maybe a transport to the Portal after retrieving the first device?) to be much clearer, because I was wandering around for a half day looking for more puzzles, or some direction of what to do. The last thing I wanted to do was go somewhere I couldn't get back and need to do things all over again. As it is, I solved all 3 endings before I even entered the portal again. All that being said, it really is a 5-star game, and I wouldn't dock anything, even for my difficulty. Update: I’m playing this for a second time, and I realize you have to setup the final mechanism EVERY time you want a different ending. I can understand wanting to keep with continuity, in that you’re actually changing what you do, but it’s far too repetitive. I would recommend showing all devices in the players inventory, but then revert to the most recent progress when you get to the projectors. Be kind.

Another Epic Adventure!

The Room III continues on Fireproof’s imaginative journey with The Craftsman. The creative and enjoyable dive into Grey Holm had me (and my fiancé) hooked from the start. We compete with one another in childlike form to see who can finish each chapter, as well as the game faster; teasing and taunting the whole way through. With each new release, the game gets better and better. Play action, controls, motion, sound and color all add to the lifelike world-scape developed by Fireproof. The labyrinth of puzzles excites the imagination and keeps us playing for hours on end; often unknowingly. We both look forward to the release of each new series and can’t wait to experience what the folks at Fireproof dream up next!! On to The Room: Old Sins!! Thanks Fireproof for never disappointing!! Bravo!


Simply the best game ever, brilliantly thought through and executed, many thanks for hours of the pleasure!

Incredible game

I’m actually speechless, fireproof has managed to create a puzzle game that has kept me entertained for days on end through the different Room titles. I can’t wait to explore the alternate endings, and play the last game in the series.


It is so much fun to see where the game takes you. It is super challenging and sometimes hard to figure out what to do on your own. I personally couldn’t have done it without lots of hints but that did not take anything away from the experience.. great game, can’t wait to see more!

Awesome and realistic

This game is phenomenal.The settings and graphics are stunning and very original.It keeps you on your toes looking forward to the next sequence. You could end up playing this for hours

I love your games!

I have played all of your games and haven’t found one yet that the graphics weren’t outstanding, the puzzles completely challenging (and sometimes very devious), and the story completely intriguing. Room 3 is the best so far and if I could give it a 10 I would. Great game and please keep them coming.

Best games by far

Buy everything from this won’t be disappointed!


Thoroughly enjoy playing this game.

Great app

Check it out, very fun.

Amazing, but still has problems.

I can say that this is one of the best games I have ever played. But there are still issues even after the update. Objects tend to disappear, like the paintings in the study or the castle model in the lighthouse. And there are texture issues with small squares appearing on wood and metal.

Impressed yet AGAIN

I just finished The Room 3 and all I can say is WOW. I have NEVER been let down by these games and this third installment really takes the cake. All new puzzles and mechanics just left me wanting more by the end. Or perhaps I should say “ends”, because of the four alternate endings. Yeah, four. I won’t spoil them but each one is more intriguing than the last. They’re hard to find, and I admit I had to use some guides. But, if you’re smart, patient and observant then you shouldn’t have any problem figuring them out. My only question to Fireproof is, with so many endings, which one will they use for the sequel? (The one that I hope is definitely coming.) As a fan of game campaigns, The Room series has one of the best campaigns I’ve ever experienced. Keep doing SENSATIONAL work Fireproof, and congratulations on another amazing trip through the universe we loving know as “The Room.”

One of the best games on the app store

I love “The Room” series and was a big fan of the previous two installments. However, “The Room Three” knocks everything out of the park. The beautiful design, the simple gameplay yet complicated puzzles, the dark plotline, and the side quests that will lead to more avenues. This is a stunning game and the first mobile game that kept me glued to my screen for hours on end.

Best trilogy!

Amazing game!

Well Done

The game is creative, intricate and relaxing. Several times the hints did not register until after I had already solved the puzzle. The storyline needs a bit of work and could be a bit longer with more substance to it, but overall great little game. Bravo.

Room Three

The Room Three continues to offer an incredible array of precisely detailed graphics and challenging puzzles! Some tasks lead naturally to next actions, while others require intuitive leaps. The clues vary a bit in clarity with some being overly obvious, but I didn’t mind the ones that left me momentarily stumped. Great game. One I will definitely relay for alternate endings!

So good.

Turn off hints and delve into an amazing puzzle adventure to test your brain. Over 10 hours of gameplay so far. Still 2 alternate endings to discover. This is the best of the series so far.

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