The Room Three App Reviews

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Love the game!


Just - Super super super!! Whens the next one??


Wow just wow i havé played and finished all the room games and i must say great job and keep up the amazing work and you deserve this 5star rating if I could I would rate higher Thanks for the amazing entertainment Marwan


This game is incredible!

The best game i have ever seen

The game is incredible ! I am waiting anxious for the room 4 !!!



So wonderful

I loved this game as much as I loved Myst when I was a kid. The puzzles and story and mystery are perfect. Excellent music too!

Stop reading this and get the game!

Dont even question yourself. If you have not played room 1 2 and 3 start right now. This is worth 100% of your time and small cost compare to any other in app purchase of free game. Only reason you should not play is if you already completed em more than twice!

A perfect continuation of the series

Clever puzzles and an intriguing story kept me playing this game all night. Had a very creepy atmosphere, and overall a joy to play.

Buy this!

One of the most satisfying puzzle games Ive ever played.


Challenging and fun game which builds nicely upon the first two games in the The Room series. Excellent game mechanics, graphics rendering and sound effects.

Love it

Great game. Enjoyed every minute of it

The room III

Jeu captivant hors du commun

All Room Games

Similar to the MYST series, The Room series are fantastic games. I hope many more are produced.

Stay away if you played the first 2 games

Very repetitive after 2 games. You will be bored of this third game if you bought the first 2. This third game is a waste of money.

Great for the brain! And fun too!

A bit expensive but worth every penny. The game was tough but extremely rewarding!

My favorite mobile game

Amazing job, guys, as usual. You should find a B team so you can create twice as many games!


Loved this game! Best virtual escape room experience there is. Cant wait for The Room Four!


Great game! But make a room 4 revealing who All the characters are, as I am left with questions Plus the graphics are amazing!


Another outstanding game by Fireproof. You guys have made the best iPhone game, and have followed up with two amazing sequels. Truly appreciate it!

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